Slim Weight Patch Plus, 30 Patches, 1 Month Supply

- Works the same way as nicotine patches.
- No pills required, just slap on the patch and forget about it.
- The latest in cutting edge 21st Century technology.
- Safe and very easy to use.
- Patches are known to have less side effects than pills.
- The best selling weight loss patch online based on popularity.
- Contains a mammoth 66mg of potent ingredients.
- Can act as an aid to any exercise routine.
- May control your hunger cravings, and speed up metabolism.
- Featured in the Sunday Express Newspaper in 2010.
- Bypasses your stomach and goes straight to the bloodstream.
- All orders are promptly dispatched by Miami Supplements.
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Featured in the Daily Mail Newspaper

The Slim Weight Patch Plus is one of the few weight loss patches to have ever been featured in the Daily Mail Newspaper. It was published on the 8th of August 2010 and was read by tens of thousands of people.

Plaster of Paris could help us all lose weight


Serving Size: 1 patch (66mg). Servings Per Container: 30. Guarana, Fucus Vesiculosus, 5-Hydroxytryphtophan, Yerba Mate, Flaxseed Oil, Lecithine (Soya), L-Cartnitine, Zinc Citrate. Patch: Non-woven cotton. Adhesive: Standard.

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