Weight Loss Patches

Weight loss patches, or diet patches, are small rectangular adhesive patches that are placed on the skin in order to suppress the appetite, control hunger cravings, and gently speed up the metabolism. Traditionally, adhesive patches began with a motion-sickness patch in 1982, but fast forward to today, and you can slap on a patch to stop smoking, medically treat pain, or even avoid pregnancy.

How weight loss patches work
Figure 1 - A diagram detailing how weight loss patches work.
How weight loss patches work
Figure 2 - Paris Hilton caught wearing a patch on her bottom.

How do weight loss patches work?

The adhesive weight loss patch is placed on the skin, where the ingredients are absorbed transdermally (through the skin) and eventually into the bloodstream over a long period of time. Figure 1 on the right hand side will show you a visual depiction of how weight loss patches work.

Are weight loss patches safe?

In general most weight loss patches are safe due to transdermal admission methods. People that have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking prescription medication should consult with their health care professional before using any weight loss patch. Weight loss patches shouldn't be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers or for those under 18 years of age.

Are weight loss patches better than pills?

Quite possibly the answer is yes, because patches completely bypass the stomach and digestive system which allow the ingredients to be absorbed more efficiently in the bloodstream. With pills however, the active ingredients are metabolized through the digestive system, which may often lead to side effects. Pills also require much higher doses because much of the active ingredients, even up to 90 percent, can be destroyed by acids in the digestive system, before the ingredients even reach the bloodstream. Also, higher doses of pills may mean more side effects. Patches are more convenient to taking pills, because all it takes is to place a patch on your skin.

Who uses transdermal patches?

Everyone from Hollywood celebrities to regular people trying to lose weight, stop smoking, or even absorb Vitamins more effectively, instead of taking pills. In fact, Hollywood is so convinced that patches work, that even celebrities have gotten their hands on these patches. A celebrity such as Paris Hilton was even spotted wearing a patch on her bottom. Figure 2 on the right side of the page shows a photo of Paris Hilton caught wearing a patch on her bottom. It's no wonder celebrities are using transdermal patches, because they just work.

What are some popular weight loss patches?

Below you can find some of the most popular weight loss patches available to everyone according to the many people who have left reviews on the internet. They vary from different price tags to different ingredients. These popular weight loss patches are rated from 1 to 5 in descending order.

#1. Slim Weight Patch Plus

The Slim Weight Patch Plus is the #1 purchased weight loss patch in the world, and has even been featured in the Sunday Express Newspaper on the 8th of August, 2010.

This patch uses only 100% natural ingredients such as Guarana, Fucus Vesiculosus, 5-Hydroxytryphtophan and contains a whopping 66mg of ingredients in each patch, unlike other manufacturers which hide the dosage.

The Slim Weight Patch Plus tends to have special offers running. Currently the latest special offer is to buy 4 and get 2 free, which will give you the best possible price per patch. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, which is remarkable, because no other patch manufacturer offers this.

#2. Antioxidant Acai Berry Patch

Made from the popular Acai Berry, this Acai Berry Patch contains real Freeze-Dried Acai Berry in a highly absorbable transdermal patch. Acai Berry naturally contains vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, and B3, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc.

The Acai Berry may even contain as much protein as an egg, per dry weight. Hollywood has praised this wonder berry as as their greatest secret to losing weight.

Instead of taking pills which are partly destroyed in the stomach or liver, this Acai Berry Patch will allow you place the patch on your skin, and forget about it for a full 24 hours, and let the ingredients be transdermally absorbed.

#3. Slim Kick Patch

This is yet another decent weight loss patch that claims to help people lose weight. This Slim Kick Patch contains ingredients including Guarana, Fucus Vesiculosus, 5-Hydroxytryphtophan and a few other great weight loss ingredients.

Although the ingredients in these patches are very similar to other weight loss patches, it fails to disclose the amount of ingredients in milligrams (mg) found in each patch. Usually if the amount of ingredients is not disclosed, it is difficult to tell whether a large or small amount of ingredients are used.

The Slim Kick Patch should help anyone trying to lose weight, but you may want to find a higher rated patch which discloses the ingredient quantity.

#4. The Diet Patch

Containing 10 active ingredients, The Diet Patch works 24/7 and is suitable for vegans, containing all natural ingredients like Fucus Vesiculosus, 5HTP, Lecithin, and L-Carnitine.

Unfortunately each patch only contains 44mg of ingredients, which comes short of the 66mg found in the Slim Weight Patch Plus. That's a hefty 33% more ingredient content found in each patch, which may mean more noticable results.

However, The Diet Patch still offers great weight loss potential because patches naturally have more advantages than pills or other forms of oral dosing. The manufacturer of these patches also offers very large discounts for multi-month supplies, such as a buy 2 get 3 offer.

#5. Boot Camp Body Slimming Patches

Like some other weight loss patches, these Boot Camp Body Slimming Patches also contain 10 powerful ingredients, but only 44mg of ingredients in each patch, which is a marginal disappointment because the top weight loss patch offers a much larger 66mg quantity of ingredients per patch.

These patches work on your body 24/7 and may be a great way to lose weight and suppress hunger cravings. The manufacturer of these patches also has special offers running from time to time.

At the moment the makers of the Boot Camp Body Slimming Patches has a special offer which allows you to purchase a 3 month supply for the price of only 2 months. That is a discount of approximately 33%.

How do I use weight loss patches?

A female wearing the Slim Weight Patch Plus on her arm
Figure 3 - A female wearing the Slim Weight Patch Plus on her arm.

Ensure your skin is clean and free of any impurities, by showering or bathing regularly to allow your skin to breathe, as this will enable the patch to deliver the ingredients through the skin. Next, peel one patch off and place it on a hairless portion of your skin, such as the upper arm as depicted in Figure 3 on the right. If you place it on a portion that has large hair follicles, the patch will not stick to the skin and thus can't deliver the ingredients. After 24 hours, peel off the patch, and place another one on a different hairless area of your body to allow the skin to breathe in the previous area. Make sure to drink enough water, as the blood needs to circulate well in order to transport the ingredients accordingly.

How many patches can I use at a time?

Using one patch at a time is generally recommended. If you use more than one patch, you probably won't see any greater effect than if you use just one patch. You may only notice that you go through the weight loss patches at a faster rate.

When should I give weight loss patches a try?

You can try weight loss patches now! Results will vary from person to person the same way that nicotine patches only allow some smokers to kick the habit, while others claim that the nicotine patches do not help them. The same goes for weight loss patches, pain relief patches, pregnancy patches, or any other kind of patches available. Be sure to look at the #1 weight loss patch, the Slim Weight Patch Plus, or even the other patches listed on our website, to be sure you buy a high quality patch for effective results.

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